Raffle of Porsche Cayenne by InstaMarkets

In 2013, InstaMarkets raffled again another premium class car. The lucky winners of the three previous campaigns had already got their new wheels – the Hummer H3, Lotus Elise, and Lotus Evora. This time the luxury Porsche Cayenne was as a grand prize.

The Cayenne was the first crossover built by the legendary Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. The company, which proved itself as one of the best sports car manufacturers,   was founded by Ferdinand Porsche, the well-known car designer in 1931. The fabled Porsche 365 and Porsche 911have been successful in motorsports. To date, the Porsche sports cars have scored over 28 victories in races of different distance. The Porsche Cayenne has a passing power like a crossover, generates speed like a sports car, and provides a degree of comfort like a premium car. That’s why, InstaMarkets opted for the Porsche Cayenne to show its gratitude to its customers by organizing a raffle. We know what our clients need – speed, safety, and comfort.

All the InstaMarkets clients had a unique chance to try their luck at the raffle. All they needed to do was to replenish their trading accounts with at least $1,500 and fill in the registration form. The traders also could maximize their chances to win by opening unlimited number of accounts. The participants were able to assess their odds of becoming a happy owner of the Porsche Cayenne on the campaigns’ page.

The so-called Porsche number generated on the basis of five major currencies exchange rates was fixed at 23:59 (UTC+2) on September 27, 2013. The InstaMarkets team determined the winner by comparing the Porsche number to the last digits of the accounts registered for the raffle. The holder of a trading account 7021469 was announced as the winner. The name of this lucky one is Evgeniy Trots from Norilsk, Russia.

The winner could choose between taking the Porsche Cayenne or $200,000 on the trading account. In two weeks, Evgeniy Trots announced his decision to pick for the prize money. InstaMarkets warmly congratulates Evgeniy on his victory and wishes him every success in trading!

On June 27, 2014 InstaMarkets will run the raffle of the Lotus Evora. To partake in the campaign, you should deposit at least $1,000 to your trading account and register on the corresponding page. Thus, the Lotus Evora is the fifth premium class car to be raffled among the company’s clients. Each InstaMarkets client can join the race and get the chance to be given the keys to the sports car manufactured by the renowned British company.

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